AODA Digital Lydprosessor - DSP4X8 4x8 DSP4X8
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This series have below strongpoint contrast with congener products:
1.Use high bit rate floating point unit (FPU), high calculate precision.
Now most of the congener products use 40 bits flxed point machine, only hace midding precision, But AODA processor use 64 bits floating point unit. Professional only need to check attached form will know the quality difference at noce,(attached contrast from between two ICs) 
2.Sampling frequency is double of most congener products, sound more nicety and less diatortion.
Now most of the congener products use 48 KHz samping frequency, this frequency is not enough for professional occasion. AODA products use 96KHz samping frequency.
3.Easy to operate
All the function can be set in the panel when it use by itslef, It can also controlled by computer when use the software attaced. Use USB or RS-485 connection control in close quarters. Use RS-485 connection control in far quarters. It can control maximum 250 pcs products. maximum distance 1000 meter (depend on differencce condition)



Fun"K"cable Vendbar HDMI kabel 1,5 meter

En høykvalitets 1,5m HDMI kabel, med justerbart 180 graders bend og 24 karats gull …




Fun"K"cable FK5B 5 meter speak-on PA

Profesjonell PA kabel, 5 meter lang, SPK male til SPK male, pris pr stk. SPK male til …






1System Setup

     1/ device id set

     2/ Password Setup

     3/ power on setAll Mute / Keep in last state

     4/ backlight setKeep On / 10s 

     5/ System information

2Input channel option

     1 / Muteevery channel have input muteON/OFF

     2 / Delaylongest delay 1000 ms

     3 / Polarity Pol (+)  or  Pol (-)

     4 / Parameter Equalizerevery channel can set 6 parameter EQEQ—EQ6

       In Parameter

         Frequency point20Hz-20HHz

         Bandwidth0.05 ~ 3 Oct/w

         Gain-20dB ~ +20dB

3Output channel function option

     1/ Input choiceEach output can choose difference input channelA , B, C, D channel or non channel),Each output can also choose difference channel assemble. 

     2/ Muteeach channel have output mute functionMUTEON/OFF

     3/ Output Gain-12dB ~ +12dB   Step distance 0.1dB 

     4/ Output delaylongest delay 1000 ms, can display in the computer by M or Ft.

     5/ Polarity Pol (+)  or  Pol (-)

     6/ Crossover filter typeLink-Ril / Buttworth / Bessec

       Frequency point20Hz ~ 20KHz


     7/ Limiter

       Threshold-20dBu ~ 20dBu 


       Release : can be set to start time’s 2, 4 , 6, 8 , 16 or 32 times 

     8/ Parameter Equalizerin Paramerer 

       Frequency point: 20Hz ~ 20KHz

       Bandwidth0.05 ~ 3 Oct/w


     In Lo-Shelf and Hi-Shelf 

       Frequency point20Hz ~ 20KHz

       Gain: -20dB~+20dB


4Key-Press function

     1/ X-Over: Enter high-pass low-pass adjust(useful when adjust output channel, inefficacy when adjust input channel)

     2/ Eq: Enter equalizer adjust.

     3/ Dynamics: Enter limiter adjust(useful when adjust output channel, inefficacy when adjust input channel)

     4/ Polarity: Phase position choosen 

     5/ Gain: gain and input channel choose key (useful when adjust output channel, inefficacy when adjust input channel)

     6/ Delay: Enter delay function 

     7/ Load: Transfer saved program.

     8/ Save: Save revision program

     9/ System: System setup

     10/ MUTE/EDIT:Mute or Editpress shortly enter mute function, red light longest enter edit function, green light display.

     11/ Enter/Setup